One of the hallmarks of visionary organization is a constant drive towards achieving optimal impact, efficiency and productivity. Our vision of excellence is actualized through the collaborative efforts of parents and students. Today, our centre is a proud recipient of the award for the south-west most outstanding tutorial centre for the year 2017, an award we have won consecutively for the past five year. Our centre attracts students across states in Nigeria and from countries in Africa.

We top the list as the most potent and cost-effective path to reducing or better still bridging the gap between the secondary and tertiary school curriculum, increasing the quality and quantity of students with sturdy foundation in basic science, social science and Arts and hence attenuating admission bottlenecks.

Apex Tutors is into education and Preliminary programme organized by a team of dynamic lectures in ife with the view to reducing the difficult in securing admission into tertiary schools.


It is a known fact, that due to the competitive nature and as a result of the large number of candidates seeking admission into institutions, a lot of students lose hope and give up their dream of becoming a banker, lawer, Doctors Nurse or even getting tertiary education. With our qualified young lecturers, long teaching experience and the use of edutainment as a pedagogic tool, we prepare stuents for entrance examinations and by extension tertiary by them examination tips, lectures, guidelines, thrust and materials necessary for unbeatable success.

We pride ourselves in offering international qualitative co-educational services at locally competitive fees. A private owned institute providing the services at locally competitive fees. A private owned institute providing the services of pre-degree to all student for the purpose of equipping them with formidable foundation and eventually gaining admission into the various choice schools. We try to assist students into schools home and abroad after the completion of the preliminary programme. Currently, we operate in our permanent site with a storey building and adjoining class rooms on a plot of land adjacent the university main gate. Boarding houses for hostel both boys (rented) and girls (owned) are on different location close to the campus. With our second property half way completed about 5km away from the university campus, we are on the verge of kick starting a full fledge conventional group of schools.


Apex is a preliminary / preparatory institute preparing all kind students for all kinds of entrance exams / interview such as School of Nursing entrance etc under the aegis/appellation of Apex Tutors. We prepare students / candidates who want to study any course whatsoever but with proper guidance and tutelage.

As our custom for almost a decade now, APEX Tutors has helped students confront and triumphantly overcome various odds in SSCE, UTME and various School of Nursing, A level, Pre-degree and post-UTME and various School of Nursing, A level, Pre-degree and post-UTME entrance examinations.

Our Provision and Facilities:
— Conductive learning environment
— Online registration and entrance examination

— Computer room

— Stand by generator

— Constant water supply/ good toilets for students

— Qualified and experienced lecturers

— Hospital Exposure / Excursion

— Decent hostel facilities

— Full attention to students and to any health problem.